McDaniel Ranch  
Welcome to
McDaniel Ranch
Thank you for visiting our website.  The
McDaniel Ranch is
nowlocated in SW MT, and is
maintained by Cody & Tancy McDaniel.  
Currently we are working to raise self sufficient  
Red Angus cattle with Pharo Cattle Company that
work within our environment. If you see
something you are interested in, please let us

May God Bless you and yours!!!

Meanwhile back at the ranch...
(updates, news and whats going on in our part of the country)

So, its been awhile since I have updated, but I hope to change that and
stay on top of things a little better.  We have been very busy with the
move, but finally (as of November) all of the cows, horses, goats and
dogs have been relocated.  There is still much to do about the new
place, but we look forward to our new surroundings.